FEBRUARY 15-17, 2019
Roam Retreat Sedona


Premiere Retreat

Red Agave Resort

"I attended my first Roam Retreat in Sedona, AZ. It was the most amazing experience. I can't speak highly enough of the staff. The amazing meals and snacks they personally prepared were absolutely delicious. The Specialized demo bikes they provided were top of the line and the ladies that attended from Specialized were a wealth of knowledge. I cant recommend Roam enough and I am already looking forward to my next retreat." - Heather, Kingman Arizona



Suck it winter! You can believe the hype about Sedona's mountain biking; it's incredible, and our team of knowledgeable trail leaders are ready to show you all of our favorite, most beautiful places to ride.

Join us for a 3 day/2 night weekend of lady shred, gourmet food, free Specialized demo bikes, and SRAM supported technical clinics taught by professional female mechanics.

Multi-hued sandstone swells, red rock benches, canyon views for miles with scenery that will make your heart leap - there's a reason we keep coming back to Sedona, and it isn't just for the world-class biking.


Surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land and buttressed by four wilderness areas and two state parks, this is a landscape built for adventure. Local trail builders have been kind enough to develop 250+ miles of singletrack from fast and smooth roller coasters through brush and pine trees to slickrock playgrounds and plentiful rocky tech & precipitous chutes.  


So whatever bike thrills you seek - you’ll find it with us in Sedona.


Friday February 15th - Sunday February 17th

# Days

3 Days, 2 Nights


Women's Only | Premiere Retreat

*Skill Rating


Base Skill Required: 4 - Intermediate

Recommended Skill: Level 4+

*Fitness Rating


Base Fitness Required: Fitness Level 3

Recommended Fitness: Level 4+

Specialized Demo Bike




Registration & Pricing avail Dec 7, 2018


Our retreat will kick off with an afternoon ride on singletrack that starts right in our backyard at the Red Agave Resort. We will hoot and holler along the stunning red-rock lined Slim Shady Trail (alternative ride options if you aren't up for tackling Slim just yet) getting our bearings and getting over the shock of just how friggin awesome Sedona riding is.


Post ride you have one thing to look forward to - our famous #fourfootcheesboard paired with a curated cooler of Sierra Nevada brews & (optional) female-led tech clinic. 


On day two we'll hop into a Hermosa Tours shuttle and head over to West Sedona for a shred session on some of Sedona's most iconic trails - Chuckwagon and Mescal. We've got a pretty special loop that showcases all the best views, descents, and ridiculously fun techy bits in the area.


You might not be hungry after our hearty trailside lunch, but be prepared for Taco Tuesday on Saturday - our signature fiesta night and campfire kumbaya.


We'll finish out the weekend with a beautiful breakfast followed by a smorgasbord of ride options - all in the Oak Creek area (punctuated by postcard-worthy views of red canyon walls and rock spires). Charger trails for those who still have gas in the tank, and more mellow red shreds for us normal humans.

We'll conclude our Sedona epic with genuine bear hugs, and plans for future weekends of shred!



We've put together a few ride details that represent a typical Roam Retreat. Please keep in mind that these are not exact figures, but rather a general idea of what you can expect on a given trip. Be sure to check out our Skill Level and Fitness Rating System to get a more specific idea of what each destination has to offer.

We categorize our rides into three different groups based primarily on pace, technical difficulty, and distance/elevation. When you arrive at a retreat, choose your own group and your own adventure!


Skill Level: 2-4

Fitness Level: 2-4

Our CHILL group is for those who like to...chill on their mountain bike rides. We'll typically stick to green and blue trails & ride at a relaxed pace with stops for less than 3 hours in a day. Some of our chill riders will need to walk features or steeper climbs. 

Elevation Gain: >500 vertical ft

Ride Distance: 4-10 miles


Skill Level: 5-7

Fitness Level: 4-6

Slow on the ups, sendy on the downs! This group will often ride the same routes as our CHILL or CHALLENGER group, but riders will take their time on climbs and pedally bits, and let 'er rip going full-send on the descents.

Elevation Gain: 500-1500 vert. ft

Ride Distance: 5-13 miles


Skill Level: 5-8

Fitness Level: 5-8

Our CHALLENGER rides will tackle blue and some black trails at a moderate pace. Riders are expected to be able to cleanly ride all blue trail features and most black features. This group may ride 3-4+ hours in a day.

Elevation Gain: >1,500 vertical ft

Ride Distance: 5-15 miles


Skill Level: 6-8

Fitness Level: 7-8

CHARGER? Yep. This is the "we're not pandering or hand-holdy" part of Roam. Go ride your damn bike. As far and as hard and as long as you want to. We'll have a beer waiting for you when you get back.

You're welcome.

Elevation Gain: <1,500 vertical ft

Ride Distance: 10+ miles



Hearty, wholesome food to fuel your ride.

"The food was fabulous! Loved the healthy options and the time and thought that was put into every meal."

Organic-inspired meals, snacks, and appetizers.  Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten freedom options will always be on the table, and we consider individual food restrictions and allergies when designing our menu. 

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