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The event was better than my wildest dreams."

- Debby, Roam Retreat @ Bentonville, 2019


I'm one of those women that doesn't really like women's events... until I attended a Roam Event. Bikes! Beer! Friends! The crew accommodated everyone's skill levels and fun-o-meters so that there was always something to do (or not, for the chillers) and no one had to censor themselves. I was truly impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail of the staff. This was an incredibly inclusive atmosphere where everyone could be themselves around the fire or on the trails. It was so much fun-- can't wait until next year."

- Lisa, Roam Retreat @ Whitefish, 2017


I was really nervous about this weekend--I tend to be introverted and self conscious of my riding abilities. I honestly didn't even worry about these things about 10 minutes after I arrived. No drama, I easily found my place in the line during rides, and there was nothing but encouragement and fun from the whole group. I will definitely attend more retreats." 

- Stacy, Roam Retreat @ Oakridge, 2017


The weekend was incredibly well planned. From the short ride Friday afternoon, to the grand finale meeting Sunday morning, it was exactly the weekend I needed."

- Carey, Roam Retreat @ Brevard, 2017



What a great weekend of riding with an amazing group of supportive women. It felt like riding with friends from the very first ride. Great company, great trails and great food!

- Moniera, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2019


I had a great time shredding with new friends! I can't believe the friendships made in such a short amount of time. Bikes bring cool folks together! Thanks so much to our hosts for creating the most fun bike trip I've been on in awhile!"

- Kira, Roam Retreat @ Whitefish, 2017


Roam Retreats are awesome! The staff and guides are amazing. They encourage you to be the shrediest girl you can be!"

- Marty, Roam Retreat @ Oakridge, 2017



This was the raddest weekend, riding the raddest trails, with the raddest ladies!!! The ladies at Roam know how to go above and beyond to make sure all you have to worry about is riding your bike, hanging out with awesome people, and eating delicious food. It completely exceeded all of my expectations and I had extremely high expectations.

- Sarah, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2019

Roam Retreat Fruita Colorado Rive


Totally amazing. Epic. The most incredible weekend of my entire life."

- Roxie, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2016


Loved this trip. By far the best women's retreat I have been to. I truly got to choose my own adventure and the leaders and organizers were accessible and accommodating. This event was very well run and I have zero complaints. I will definitely do another one!"

- Diane, Roam Retreat @ Brevard, 2017


If you get a chance to sign up for one of these events, TAKE IT!"

- Amanda, Roam Retreat @ Whitefish, 2017


Amazing does not do this event justice. Ash and her team are phenomenal in their attention to detail, whether it's a delicious group dinner or making sure everyone gets help with their bikes. I love the support in choosing my level of fun and adventure, and the opportunity to make new like-minded friends."

- Penny, Roam Retreat @ Whitefish, 2016


I had an awesome time!! Terrific event, great price point, awesome organization and attention to detail. Fantastic group of lady riders, staff and great atmosphere."

- Leslie, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2016 


My Roam Retreat has far and beyond provided the best bang for my buck in my mountain biking journey thus far. I have signed up for lots of women specific events in the past and I have to say that although the atmosphere always preaches inclusion and empowerment unfortunately that isn't always the reality. The Roam Events staff are some of the most genuine and welcoming women I have ever met. Ash & Andi as well as the other amazing women we were introduced to this weekend were so excited and heartfelt with each and every one of us attending, regardless of skill level or background, we were all welcomed with open arms (literally...greeted with bear hugs that couldn't be interpreted as anything less than genuine). It can be hard taking the step outside your comfort zone for an event like this, but it was so worth it and I can't wait to attend another retreat as soon as possible. I walked away with new friends, inspiration, confidence and memories to last a lifetime. Truly, thank you for dreaming up this perfect event and being such caring hosts!"

- Michelle, Roam Retreat @ Brevard, 2017


I was hesitant at first since I rarely ride outside of training for an event. What an amazing way to unwind, connect with friends, and step outside your box. Totally worth every second. Will be back.

- Joanne, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2019



This is my second Retreat and it is just amazing. Meeting and riding with women from all skill levels is so cool. Having the options to ride with different groups depending on how "shreddy" you feel, is also very nice. The friends I have made at both events will probably last a life time and give me reasons to go check out riding in other parts of the country."

- Teresa, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2017


 I would absolutely recommend Roam Events to others. That is, as long as I've already got my spot!!! Thank you for an amazing women's mtb vacation!." 

- Nancy, Roam Retreat @ Brevard, 2017



Roam retreats are my new favorite thing! I'm already planning my next trip and haven't even left the current one! From dope Specialized demo bikes, even better ride leaders and the best dang crew around, I can't wait to come back! Thanks for all your hard work and taking care of our every need and want. You guys are the best!

- Allison, Roam Retreat @ Sedona, 2019


This event was a blast. It was well organized, high energy, and brought a lot of really rad ladies together for a few days of sun and singletrack. The women in attendance ranged from beginner riders to the best of the sport and everyone between. It was an honor to get to ride with and learn from each and every one. Ash and her whole crew are a riot, and nothing was dull, quiet, or boring. What a cool way to get to make new friends, ride rad trails, and explore all the different parts of this phenomenal sport"

- Anonymous, Roam Retreat , 2017


Everything was A++.​"

- Lori, Roam Retreat @ Oakridge, 2017


The riding, food and company at the Roam Camping Retreat Moab were all fantastic. There were women of all different skill levels and I felt like everybody was encouraged and supported to ride at their level (whether black, green or sit with a beer at camp)!

- Anne, Roam Retreat @ Moab, 2018


I just had to show up and have a great time! I loved the camaraderie that is felt from the time you show up for the event. "

- Crystal, Roam Retreat @ Moab , 2018

unnamed (3).jpg


Rad weekend!! You can ride as much or little as you want with ample opportunity to get fully blown out or just kick back at camp with a beer and a new buddy. Super laid back, great food and top-notch hospitality without the pressure of an over-packed itinerary. Relax. Get rowdy. Ride bikes. Make friends. Roam. Retreat." 

- Katie, Roam Retreat @ Oakridge, 2017

Quick Stats


Satisfaction rating.


Of guests fly to our Retreat destinations. 


The average age of a participant: we've had ladies as young as 21 and as wise as 71 join! 


Miles of trail on our longest one-day ride offered, our shorter routes are between 4-6 miles. 


Of participants join a Retreat solo.


Full suspension demo bikes on our custom fleet.


The most common level rider we host...that being said, we've had world champions and fairly new riders all on the same trip!

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