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A thickly forested wonderland awaits. Descend for hours. HOURS PEOPLE! Not to say there isn't a crap-ton of climbing in your hours-long descents, but the stunning old growth forests, high alpine meadows bursting with wildflowers, and Cascadia vistas are worth it.

Lush forests, rivers teeming with fish and wildlife, and mountain ridges with breathtaking views - Oakridge is considered the mountain bike capital of the Northwest for good reason: the riding is stunning, the dirt epic, and the trails are almost endless with 350 miles of singletrack

Located in the heart of the 1.8 million acre Willamette National Forest, Oakridge boasts a varied landscape of high mountains, narrow canyons, cascading streams, wooded slopes, and quiet icy blue lakes - all nestled in a blanket of beautiful Douglas Fir pines. 

What to expect

 Big days, fast descents, & rugged backcountry singletrack


3 Days, 2 Nights - camping!


Intermediate - Expert



Required Skill: Level 4 - Intermediate

Recommended Skill : 4+


Required Fitness : Level 3

Recommended Fitness: Level 4+

Full Suspension Carbon Specialized Demo Bike


Is this trip right for you?

Click here to learn about our Skill & Fitness Rating System

Event Overviw
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Oakridge, Oregon

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July 10-12

FROM  $699




Thanks to our Roam Retreat partners

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What's Included?


Subject to change based on conditions.


Day 1

Guests arrive to a huge lunch spread to enjoy while everyone gets bikes dialed. At midday we'll kickoff a weekend of with a shuttle up to Dead Mountain (not as scary as it sounds) for a crazy fun descent featuring a top section of flow trail and rugged old-school singletrack. We'll pop out on Salmon Creek for an optional extra credit ride to a beautiful waterfall before taking an (optional) pedal beck to camp. Enjoy a hot shower then get ready for a stunning dinner curated by Whole Foods ambassador Lentine Alexis.

Ride: 6-19 miles, 200-800 feet climbing.


Day 2

After a filling and delicious breakfast, we'll load into shuttles and head up to Oakridge's finest: Alpine Trail. Be ready for mega descents, a few big climbs, stunning vistas, techy switchbacks, an optional (crazy big) extra credit loop, & more descending. Lunch is trailside, with a well-deserved cool down in the North Fork of the Willamette. Once back at camp, we'll serve up a few Roam-a-Ritas while our pro mechanics lead an optional evening tech & gear clinic with dinner and campfire kumbaya to follow. 

Ride: 9-24 miles, 1200-3900 feet climbing.


Day 3

By now you know the drill - amazing breakfast, big 'ol shuttle, & epic descent. We've got a number of options for our last day in Oakridge that our legs will self-select. Regardless of what trail we ride, be ready for wicked fun high alpine descent! Lunch will be served trailside, with plenty of leaders around to hit the trails afterward for round 2 should you feel the need to ride until your legs fall off. This is our final day together, so we'll pack up, hug it out, & send you home most likely grinning ear to ear. 

Ride: TBD 5-16 mi  200-1600 ft climbing.

Trip Package Includes
  • 3 days of riding with professional trip leaders, with a 5:1 customer/guide ratio

  • 2 nights of camping (hot showers and van/rv spots) 

  • High-end Specialized demo bike (Stumpjumper or Enduro) with custom Industry Nine wheels and SRAM/Rock Shox components

  • All meals included, from lunch on the first day through lunch on the last day

  • All transportation during the trip, including shuttles

  • Ride nutrition from nuun Hydration and SKRATCH Labs. 

  • Post-ride hydration including beer, wine, and spirits. 

Not Included
  • Flights or transportation to start of trip

  • Travel insurance (we recommend World Nomads)

  • Optional tipping of trip leaders

  • Questions? Check out our FAQ or e-mail us!

"I'm one of those women that doesn't really like women's events... until I attended a Roam Event. Bikes! Beer! Friends! The crew accommodated everyone's skill levels and fun-o-meters so that there was always something to do (or not, for the chillers) and no one had to censor themselves. I was truly impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail of the staff. This was an incredibly inclusive atmosphere where everyone could be themselves around the fire or on the trails. It was so much fun-- can't wait until next year."

- Lisa, Roam Retreat Participant

Trip Planning

High-end Specialized demo bikes with custom SRAM components and Industry Nine wheels are included in your trip package. As for packing, Sedona is located in a high desert climate. Temperatures can range from very warm to very cold, even on the same day! Be ready for both extremes on and off the trail.

Riding Gear

  • Helmet

  • Riding shoes (flats or clipless)

  • Riding pack (1-2 liter hydration)

  • 2-3 sets of riding shorts/jerseys

  • 2-3 Padded shorts/chamois

  • Riding layers (ie merino wool)

  • 1-2 pair gloves

  • 2-3 pair athletic socks

  • Knee/elbow pads

  • Rain jacket

  • Light windbreaker

  • Riding sunglasses

  • Chamois cream

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Fix-a-flat/emergency kit (recommended)

  • *On trips with lift-access bike park days (Bend, Whitefish) we suggest bringing a full-face helmet, extra pads, & goggles or eyewear with full coverage. 

Personal Gear

  • Casual shoes

  • 1 puffy coat for post ride

  • 1 flannel

  • 2-3 casual shirts

  • 1 pair travel/comfy pants

  • 1 pair of casual shorts

  • Undergarments

  • Socks

  • Swimsuit + travel towel

  • 1 beanie & 1 hat w/ sun visor

  • Toiletries

  • Wet wipes/hand sanitizer

  • Personal medications

  • Phone/electronics charging cords

  • Portable battery charging unit

  • Headlamp w/ spare batteries

  • What's Included?
    Full-suspension carbon demo bikes from Specialized Bicycles Lunch, après bike appetizers, & trail snacks Group rides for all abilities Bike maintenance workshops taught by female mechanics Trailside sessions for those who want a few pro tips Drinks including water, Sierra Nevada beer & NUUN hydration T-shirt, water bottle, & registration SWAG bag
  • Who Attends?
    How many women attend each rally? Numbers vary, but our demo tour stops typically have 15-20 people. How many women join by themselves? About half of our participants fly solo at our events. What's the average age of participants? Our youngest participants have been 21 and our wisest shredders have been in their mid 70's. We have a pretty even mix of women between the ages of 25-60 at every Rally. How old do I have to be to attend? All participants must be 21 or older. What ride level do I need to be to attend? We recommend all of our attendees have a season or two of riding under their belts. We have rides planned for every ability level - but fitness always helps. We've had women with fairly beginner skills have just as good of a time as the world champions who have joined our trips. I'm a certified coach, do you need any instructors? Thank you but no, this is not a skills clinic. I'm a certified coach, can I join without fear of getting dragged into teaching? Absa-frickin'lutely. Here's your opportunity to ride in a similarly-skilled group for the sole purpose of shredding until your legs fall off. We promise not to stick you with any "students" or ask you to teach anything. Of course "sessions" happen organically on rides from time to time.
  • What should I bring?
    Packing A detailed packing list will be sent to you upon registering. We will follow-up with any specific details prior to the retreat. Do I need my own bike? Many of our participants ride one of our free high-end Specialized demo bikes all weekend, and some opt to rent from a local bike shop. We prioritize demo bikes to those flying to the retreat, and then reserve demos first-come first-serve as they are requested through registration. Please confirm you have a demo bike or rental reserved before heading out to your retreat without a bike. Can I bring my dog? No. Thank you for leaving fido at home. Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/brother/platonic man friend? Nope. Nope. Nope. And Nope. The one time we let a boyfriend "stop by to hang out" at a Rally it was a total disaster; we were thoroughly traumatized and are not keen to repeat the experience...although it did make for a hilarious campfire story. Please assert your independence from your super rad fella and leave him at home or have him drop you off.
  • Arrival/Departure and Transportation
    When should I plan to arrive and depart? Our retreats kick off at 10:00am on Friday and end at noon on Sunday. Partiicpants often arrive later on Friday to accomodate work/travel schedules - no worries! *Moab/Fruita trip has it's own schedule. Please see Eventbrite page for more details What are my transportation options to get to the retreats? Please make travel arrangements to get yourself to the meeting location for the retreats. Can I carpool with other participants? Yes! We can provide assistance putting you in contact with other participants in your area upon request. What airport should I fly into? SEDONA AZ - PHX: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - Getting to Red Agave Resort in Sedona: Reserve a shuttle with Arizona Shuttle or rent a car and drive. Note: we do not reccomend flying into Flagstaff, it is often more expensive, has a layover in Phoenix, and is only 30 minutes closer to Sedona. If you can find a cheap direct flight, it isn't a bad option. Shuttle or rental car to Red Agave. MOAB/FRUITA - GJT: Grand Junction Regional Airport - Getting to the Hot Tomato in Fruita: Get in touch with us when you've booked your flight and we'll sort out the details - Getting to Moab: Our trip begins/ends at the Hot Tomato with transportation to/from Moab provided. If you want to ride early or head back to ride more in Moab, please make your own rental and travel arrangements. Note: please keep in mind, both DEN and SLC are 4+ hours away from the trip start/end. GJT is 15 minutes. WHITEFISH MT - FCA: Glacier Park International Airport - Getting to Whitefish Bike Retreat: We will pick you up! OAKRIDGE OR - EUG: Eugene Airport- Getting to Tired Dog Ranch in Oakridge: Rent a car or catch a 1.5 hour-ish public transportation bus MOAB UT - GJT: Grand Junction Regional Airport - Getting to Moab: Reccomendations TBA. Note: please keep in mind, both DEN and SLC are 4+ hours away from MOAB, GJT is 2 hours away.
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