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Ridiculously fun BIKE TRIPS.

Roam Retreats are all-inclusive adventure mountain bike vacations in world class riding destinations.



No handholding. No pandering. No skills clinics.

We're here to ride, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of a few world-class outdoor destinations.



Want to ride all day until your legs stop working? We gotcha. Ride casually for a few hours and enjoy some well-deserved downtime at the river or lake? Yup! At Roam, we encourage you to choose your own adventure, because hey, we all do riding and relaxing a bit differently.

Shout out to all of our Roam Retreat partners

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What's Included in a Roam Retreat + Other FAQs


What's included in my event registration?

A ton! But specifically, lodging, rides, food, drink, FREE Specialized demo bikes, Industry Nine demo wheels and more. Lets break it down for ya: LODGING:

  • Two nights lodging at our host venue (Moab has an extra night)
  • Bed/room/camping arrangement designated by ticket purchased
  • Late modified checkout Sunday to accomodate ride and departures schedule
  • Shuttles included
  • Knowledgable ride leaders will whisk you away on three days of epic riding.
  • Curated rides to showcase the best trails in the area
  • *Lift ticket pass for retreats with a bike park day
  • Ride as much or as little as you want with our "choose your own adventure" policy!
  • Seven organic-inspired meals starting w/ lunch on Friday and ending with lunch on Sunday.
  • Wholesome snacks and nuun electrolyte hydration provided for rides
  • Participant-specific food restrictions and allergies taken into consideration when designing meals. Vegeterian, Vegan, and Gluten-Freedom is always on the table.
  • Complimentary drinks, including Sierra Nevada beer and LaCroix a-plenty!
  • All. The. Coffee.
  • Take a spin on Roam's custom fleet of full-suspension carbon Specialized Stumpjumpers!
  • All bikes come equipped with SRAM Eagle drivetrain and brakes.
  • 130mm and 150mm travel, 27.5 and 29er wheels, and XS-XL frame sizes available.
  • Limited quanitity - we have more guests than demo bikes! Bikes are reserved first-requested, first-reserved with priority given to participants flying to our events.
  • *Hey fellas! We have a very limited size run of L & XL bikes on our demo fleet as our business primarely serves female riders, thanks for understanding!
  • Roam Events SWAG bag
  • Roam Technical Clinic, with support from SRAM. A curated hour of all things bike taught by professional female mechanics!
  • Campfire kumbaya with special musical guest Andi Zolton...she peforms better plied with tequila...we're just sayin!

What's not included?

A few things you’ll need to take care of yourself, namely:

  • Travel to and from the event including airport transportation to and from host venue.
What other costs can you expect?
  • Tips are not required, but our ride leaders work their heinies off and, like any service-based work, they appreciate tips. We recommend $25/day. Roam staff (Ash & Andi) will always recieve tips on your behalf and split monies evenly amongst ride leaders - or to someone specific at your request!
  • We have Roam Events merchandise (hats, apparel, etc.) for sale - credit cards and cash accepted.
  • We encourage you to stop in to our recommended local bike shops for any last minute needs. Support your local bike shop!

When is the best time to register for a retreat?

As soon as registration opens, we recommend you secure your spot for a retreat...we've sold out every retreat since we began trips in 2016. Accommodations and our demo program are also first-come, first-serve...more reasons for you to get onboard asap! Bookmark our Eventbrite registration page and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for reminders.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our retreats are planned months in advance to enusure a world-class vacation experience, and with the expectation that the event will run with a full crew of guests. Thus, our cancellation policy reflects the challenges of last-minute changes in logistics/budget and the potential for a cancelled spot not being fullfilled as a retreat date draws closer. Our cancellation policy is as follows: TRANSFERS At any time prior to a retreat, a registered guest can transfer their ticket to another person*. Up to two weeks before retreat start date, a registered guest can transfer the cost of their ticket to a future Roam Retreat. Within 14 days of retreat start, no cost transfers are allowed. REFUNDS Up to one month before retreat start date: full refund, less $50 administration fee. Up to two weeks before retreat start date: 50% refund. Seven or fewer days before retreat, or "no show": no refund. *Please note that we have the right to refuse transfer to another person. Due to safety or logistical concerns, we occasionally cannot approve a transfer. (i.e. registering for an advanced retreat and requesting to transfer your ticket to a beginner rider) We also understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we’ll always want to help, please be ready for the above policies to still apply.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes. When tickets are sold-out, a waitlist option will appear on our Eventbrite page. Simply register on the waitlist, and if a space becomes available, we will contact you. You will have 24 hours to respond before we offer the open registration to the next person on the waitlist. There are no commitments to getting on the waitlist. You can simply decline the offer to take a spot if you are unable to attend.


Lodging options

Lodging is included at all Roam Retreats. See event details and registration tickets for specifc information on lodging options for the retreat you are interested in. Standard Roam Retreat: Standard Roam Retreats (labled Roam Retreat) will have a variety of lodging options for participants including: Camping - Enjoy a weekend in a Big Agnes camping system. Roam will provide a Big Agnes tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, bag liner, and lamp. Bring a pillow! Shared Room - Shared rooms have twin and double beds, each w/ specific pricing. Private/Studio - Private rooms are typically double-occupancy and are...well, private. Roam Camping Retreat: Our camping retreats are just that - camping trips! All participants will rest their heads in the great outdoors. Camping - Enjoy a weekend in a Big Agnes camping system. Roam will provide a Big Agnes tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, bag liner, and lamp. Bring a pillow! Roam Premiere Retreat: Our premiere retreats are hosted at venues with well-appointed rooms and extra amenities like pools, hot tubs, and all the cushy stuff. Shared Room - Shared rooms have twin and double beds, each w/ specific pricing. Private Room - Private rooms are either single or double-occupancy and are, well, private. Studios - Studios are single or double-occupancy and most often include their own bathrooms and other amenities. Studios are singular units without other rooms or shared spaces.

What's up with food?

You will eat a lot of it. All meals and trail snacks are provided. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten freedom options will always be on the table, and we consider individual food restrictions and allergies when designing our menu. Yes...even that weird allergy to kiwis...and no, we won't make you eat Brussels sprouts unless you want them.


How is it decided which group/trails I ride during the weekend?

This is the top concern we hear...and we are experts at ensuring you WILL get to ride with a group at a pace and on trails that are fun for you! We don't want anyone killing themselves trying to keep up, or bored to tears waiting for someone to catchup. When you register for a retreat, we will ask that you fill out our registration questionnaire. Your answers allow us to understand what fitness and ability level you will be coming to the retreat with. Prior to the retreat, we will call you to answer any last-minute questions, and take the opportunity to clarify any skill or fitness questions we may have. We've lead a few thousand group rides, and one of our super powers is helping folks get situated on a ride and with a group that ensures the highest fun-o-meter ratings. We've got multiple rides on multiple trails at every retreat to make sure we nail it. Your group may be 8 riders, or 2 riders. Our goal is that every rider in each group rides at a similar pace. Your group may change from day-to-day, or, when we have the opportunity to mix groups during a ride, you may switch if your group ends up being faster or slower than you are on that particular day.

How do lift access and shuttles work?

All retreats have some form of shuttles or lift access rides - these are awlays included in the price of registration. Lift access is included in Whitefish and Bend. All other locations include shuttle services.

I'm worried about my skill/fitness level. What say you?

Congratulations. You are officially in the club with almost every person who has ever signed up for our events. It is totally normal to be a little worried about your fitness or skill level - but please don't be! It breaks our friggin' hearts when we hear, "I was going to sign up, but I was worried I wouldn't be good enough." Don't be that person that breaks our hearts! We do our best to give an honest review of the trails and fitness level required to enjoy a trip. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you reach out to us if you are even a teensy bit worried about whether a trip is right for you. Our retreats are designed for those with a good level of fitness and are meant to be enjoyed by intermediate-expert riders...that being said, there are plenty of retreats that lend themselves to newer riders or those getting their pedaling legs back after a break. Reach out if that might be you!

I'm an advanced/expert/pro rider, should I bother with a retreat?

Are you friggin kidding me? HELL YES you should come. We've had world champions, national champs, pros, former pros, and lifelong badass riders at our retreats, and we've impressed the heck out of all of them. With our expert trail selection and "choose your own adventure" policy, we let you ride as long and as hard as you want to. Like our momma's said, "just be home before dark."


Are WTF invited to women's-only retreats?

Yes indeed! We encourage any person who identifies as female to join ANY of our events.

What is the difference between a co-ed vs women's-only retreat?

Co-ed retreats have men in attendance. That's about it. We created co-ed retreats because husbands and boyfriends were getting jealous. While we are excited to have the fellas at a few events this year, we still highly recommend you come play bikes with us without your man friend. Yeah yeah says "women's only" in the title, but our retreats are all completely badass.


Why are retreat prices different?

Each retreat destination has a unqiue itinerary that is reflected in the registration price. Additionally, ticket prices may vary within a specific retreat based on accommodation selection (camping ticket vs. private studio ticket etc.)

Do you offer discounts?

We don't. Our retreats include lodging, custom prepared meals, high quality snacks, drinks, knowledgable ride leaders, shuttles, lift tickets*, three days of customized rides, demo bikes and gear, bike maintenence workshops with pro mechanics, and more fun than you can shake a stick at. We've worked hard with our supporting partners (Specialized, Industry Nine, SRAM have all chipped in) to keep retreat pricing as low as possible. Because of these partnerships, we are proud to be able to offer a world-class mountain bike vacation at a much lower price than our competitors. All that being said, if you are registering with a group of 6 or more, please contact us to discuss group pricing.

What about tips?

Our goal is to provide a world-class vacation experience, period. That being said, this is a service-based event, and if you want to show your appreciation, we are grateful for tips. Our team pulls several 15+ hour days every retreat, and the extra love is extra appreciated. If you would like to leave a tip, please give it to Ash or Andi, and they will be evenly dispersing tips amongst ride leaders, shuttle drivers, and volunteer staff (all tips are given out to team members, Ash and Andi don't keep any). If you have a specific person to tip, just let us know! Recommended amount: $25/day


Arrival and departure information

When should I arrive? Most retreats start at 10:00am on Friday. We will send retreat details about ten days before the trip starts with specific arrival and departure information. What if I want to arrive early or stay Sunday night? Extra nights are OYO. Generally we prefer guests to stay offsite prior to our retreats so that our team can have uninterrupted space and time to prep. Please contact us if you would like to stay extra nights post-trip at our host venue and we can direct you to the appropriate booking party. When should I depart? Our retreats officially end at 1PM on Sunday, but "unofficial" rides will often continue until 3 or 4pm. Is there parking at the retreats if I drive or rent a car? Yep!

What if the weather is crummy?

We've had a blast riding through rain, wind, and even an unexpected snow storm (or two). We are always mindful of being good trail stewards, and will have a plan for weather if the some trails are unrideable. Barring a natural disaster, Retreats will commence rain or shine. Please be prepared with apprioriate clothing and gear.