Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you provide coaching or skills clinics?

Nope! We're here to shred. Check out our reccomendation page for Roam-approved coaches and skills programs.

Am I skilled enough to join your events?

Each of our events has a unique reccomended skill and fitness level, and most are beginner-expert friendly. Check out our skills and fitness rating system to determine where you rank, and be sure to cross-reference with our event-specific pages.

How can I find out about event dates and locations?

Our event schedule will give you the lowdown and when and where you can shred with us. We typically annouce and update our following year's schedule in November/December.

Any events for kids?

Families are welcome at the Sturdy Dirty Enduro and Rebecca's Private Idaho. Roam Retreats, Roam Rally, and Roam Fest are 21+ events.